The Never Ending Story


When you come to the end of a novel, a story, or a television series that you have been invested in for a significant amount of time, there is suddenly a feeling that floods your heart but It’s actually not just one feeling,  There is no more to come: Frodo has sailed off to the grey havens and left Samwise to write the next chapter, David Tennant had to go, we now know how Ted met their mother, and the last battle has been fought in Narnia.

There is a complexity to contrary and contrasting emotions such as completion and resolution mixing with sorrow and emptiness, but one of the truest paradoxes of life is how sorrow and joy often walk through the fields of life hand in hand. But there is a beautiful story that never ends, and not the one on the  DVD rack you still see for $5 at the retail store, but the one the angels are reading now.

No good story has no resolution. Let me rephrase. Every good story has resolution, so the idea of a story that does not end seems overwhelming and unsatisfying. The overwhelming part I will grant you, but this story is anything but unsatisfying and it did have a resolution, a completion, a finis. Yet, the story goes on. Again with the paradoxes, but let me quote to you from Augustine’s Confessions:

“Let them praiseThee, the super-celestial people, Thine angels, who have no need to gaze up at this firmament, or by reading to know of Thy Word. For they always behold Thy face, and there read without any syllables in time what willeth Thy eternal will; they read, they choose, they love. They are ever reading; and that never passes away which they read…they read the very unchangeableness of Thy counsel…their book is never closed, nor their scroll folded up.

Oh for the story to never end! If you could only but have the emotions of completion and resolution without the emptiness of no more! That is the story of Christ. That is the story of redemption. That is is the story of God eternal. The Alpha and Omega? That is to ask, the Alpha to Omega? Yes. The infinite to infinite? Yes. The resolution came at the cross but not the end. The completion came at the cross: “It is finished loud He cried” ! Yet the story does not end. “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My word will not”.

There will be a day for all those in Christ when we get to read the “book that never closes,” the “scroll that never folds up,” the story that never ends, yet satisfies in a way no other story ever could. But we will read this story in a way no story has ever been read by mortal man. We will read by being in the presence of the author, who is the story. We will read, for eternity, by experiencing the presence of the enveloping Holy Spirit, the loving Savior, and the Most High God.

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