Some Trinitarian Thoughts

There is a controversy coming around again in regards to the Trinity.  This is good for the reason that I think many Christians do not have a good understanding of the Trinity-who does? But just because it is a complex doctrine does not mean that it is not important to define and know why it is important, and the truth of the matter is that many “orthodox” Christians would struggle to define and defend the doctrine of the Trinity.

For example: If asked to give an example of the Trinity and you use the example of a three-leafed clover, you are guilty of the heresy known as partialism. If you use the example of water being liquid, solid, and gas, guess what…you are again guilty of heresy; this time one known as modalism. Be not in despair, most of us have been there. The honest truth is, there is not a good analogy of the Trinity.

Here is quote from John Frame that helps at least start to give us an understanding of the Trinity:

“(In regards to the person of the Trinity) Each exhausts the divine being; each bears all the divine attributes, and indeed, each is in the other two (circumincessio). So when we encounter one person, we are encountering the triune God. But when we learn that the divine being contains everything described by the divine attributes, and everything in the three persons as well, we are impressed with the wonderfully rich complexity that is God. There is areal difference between the Son, praying in the garden to His Father, and the Father hearing him in heaven. But both Son and Father belong to the rich complexity that is the divine essence, and both exhaust that essence. ~John Frame, Systematic Theology, (pg 486)

For a humors explanation of these bad analogies I give you..



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