Of Politics and Such


The Outcry! As we all know by now Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump, which he told him he was not going to do days before he gave his speech. This was not a cloak and dagger move. Cruz is now being lambasted by many for going back on his word.

While I believe that your “yes” needs to be “yes”, and your “no” needs to be “no”, is there a place for concession to be made? I think, Biblically, yes.

I will make this short: It is not ok for you to agree to do something wrong. If you signed a business deal, and later found out that there were unlawful dealings going on, you would be obligated as a Christian to pull out of that agreement.

Anther example given by the well articulate, Ben Thompson:

“Hey Steve, I’ll come help you move all your stuff on Saturday. I promise!”

“That’s cool. Oh, by the way, hey everybody! Bob’s wife is crazy, Bob’s a man-slut, and I think his dad wanted to assassinate the president! And he lies, like, ALL THE TIME!”

“Uh, Steve? I don’t think I’m going to help you move anymore.”



Yes, I am equating endorsing Trump with doing the wrong thing, but before you tear into me let me explain the difference between possibly voting for him and endorsing him:

I think there are some very good reasons to vote for the Trump platform vs the Hillary platform. A friend of mine gave some very sound political reasoning for voting for Trump that had practically nothing to do with Trump. I can even understand the “better of two evils argument” even if I disagree. But to outright support the person that is Donald Trump I think is wrong, the same as I would not endorse any other blatantly immoral celebrity or person.

Yes, all people are sinful on some level but this is often a red herring argument. There is a difference between a sinful person trying to do what is right and a person who boasts of their sin.

Cruz may be making a purely selfish political move. I think that is speculative. I think he has shown consistency during his entire campaign. I watched almost every debate, I read the articles, I read the accusations, and I read the rebuttals. Cruz could have wiped the…well you know..of the Republican Nominee like he was supposed to at the RNC, but instead He chose to stay principled.

We should be voting by our conscience, not by partisan loyalties. That may mean you need to vote for Trump, but that doesn’t mean Cruz is disloyal, a promise breaker, or a liar because he opted not to endorse a man who celebrates his immorality, and is not qualified on character alone to lead a nation. Cruz may even vote for Trump, but that is not the same as publicly endorsing.

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