Sailing, Sailing Over the…Lake

Sailing 1


I have the privilege of having an awesome friend, Tom, who bought a sail boat. This friend invited me along a couple days ago to join him on an excursion as he continues to improve as a sailor. For only being his 4th time out (and what was essentially my 1st), his skill has me predicting that he will be swashbuckling the seven seas soon…or at least Lake Minnetonka.

If you listen, there is always something to learn that not only applies to the “regular world” (like the parts of the boat, turn types, course patterns), but also our spiritual lives.

-As a side note this is actually a distinction I reject. Christianity is not a system, or a Sunday/Wednesday thing- it is our lives. Every part of our life is to be in the pursuit of Christ-likenss and the glorifying of God. This means that whether we are sailing, shopping, synchronized swimming, or sitting in a pew, we are to be worshiping God-

Tom was brave enough to hand me the steering-thingy (just kidding Tom, you taught well) and instruct me in the ways of bringing the boat about 180 degrees. Here was what struck me (not the boom, though close): no matter which way you turned, into the wind or with the wind, you could not afford to turn half-heartedly or hesitantly or you would end up in the “no go zone” (where you are directly into the wind, ergo not able to move except maybe backwards) or flipping. You had to commit. Push that rudder hard and hold it till you come full about.

Commitment. Basic principle of life. You cannot be a halfhearted Christian. I will read my Bible right before small group, or pray right before church, or sing in the choir on Sunday, than essentially be like every other heathen the rest of the week.

This doesn’t mean you are doing sinful things necessarily, but as a Christian, life is so much deeper for us than it is for the unbelieving. There is another dimension to everything we do-

We taste a steak and realize that God is good. We lose a loved one and realize that God is good.

There should be a joy, a peace, a patience, a kindness, a gentleness, a meekness, etc about a Christian that is the light of the gospel in every action. This is for what we should be striving. We are sinful, we will fail, but God always forgives and never condemns His children.

We also must realize that is is only through the Spirit that this can be accomplished. This means we must be in constant communion with God and cannot live a compartmentalized “Christian” life.

We must commit lest we stall or flip.


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