Walking Though Hebrews

Hebrews has always been a fascinating book to me. I have read it numerous times, studied it in college, and still feel like I know nothing about it.

I am now venturing again into this letter/sermon and maybe I can share some things along the way. It’s loaded so bear with me.

Hebrews 1

Recently I have done numerous posts on the deity of Christ but this is one good thing you cannot have too much of. It is undeniable taught within the first 3 verses and is kind of a main emphasis of the entire first chapter. What is fantastic about how the author proves it? He primarily quotes the OLD TESTAMENT. Yes, the deity of Christ was declared in the Old Testament.

Here is an interesting verse:

“Are they not all ministering spirits (referring back to the angels mentioned a verse before) sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation” Hebrews 1:14

I had no intention of going this direction but hey, who doesn’t like some good angelology? I actually have spent very little time study demonology and angelology but what I do see here is that those who are to inherit salvation, i.e. the elect, have ministering spirits.

Is this before the elect are saved? Is this after? Is this a full time job? Probably for some more than others (sorry-obligated joke). What do these ministering spirits do?

These are interesting questions and since we are naturally drawn to the extra-ordinary we tend to focus here.  However, thanks to wiser men than I, I know that it is not the authors primary intent to teach about the habits of angels. Instead he is comparing the position of angels to the position of Christ. They ares simply ministers, Christ is Master. Christ is Lord over all. Christ is Supreme.

This reminds me of one of my favorite John Piper sermon excerpts. The video is not too long but it will have a profound impact upon your day. This is not a “share and you will be blessed” meme but I will shamelessly admit that I have yet to make it through without tearing up. Very powerful and many of these truths are derived straight from Hebrews.


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